6 & 7 August 2015



 The Electrictionary


Kings Place Hall One : Tickets on sale here! 



Help support the 28 artists of The Electrictionary in August performances, and in bringing it to autumn workshops in Hounslow & Croydon public libraries! Click above to watch our video!



The Electrictionary confronts progress, pedantry, class, slang and neologisms, in search of the ultimate dictionary with a riotously eclectic score mixing jazz-funk, classical and the avant-garde. 


Music: Alexis Bennett

Words: Timothy Knapman

Directed by Dominic Gerrard


Performed by The Early Music Experiment & guests! 


The Editor: Jimmy Holliday

The Poet: Emily Atkinson

The Slave: Kirby Anne Hall

The Sage: Polly May


Featuring Claudia Norz, Holly Harman, Ivana Cetkovic, Nichola Joy Blakey, Geoff Irwin, Lucia Capellaro, Emily Baines, Oci Stott, Philippe Barnes, Sarah Gail Brand, Rory Duffy, Rob Willson, Tom Phelan, Tom Fleming, Daniel Dotor Cespedes, Dave Cottrell, Paul Cassidy, Katie De La Matter and Alex Horne



The Editor awakes from a nightmare about an endless stream of new words. He announces the compilation of the ultimate dictionary, which will set language in stone forever. He declares that anybody who invents a new word, or uses a "prohibited" word, must be punished.

The last new word allowed is the name of his project: "The Electrictionary".

He has a Slave, who provides him with everything he needs.

His first appointment is with The Poet, who despairs at being exiled after criticizing The Editor in her writing. She wonders if her ordeal has all been a terrible dream.

His second appointment is with The Sage, who chooses to flatter The Editor and survive by sycophancy and obedience. The Editor commissions The Sage to make a list of all the words that will be listed in the "Electrictionary"; all other words will be "discontinued".

The Editor hints at his past. The Slave describes her childhood.

The Editor is not feeling very well…



The Electrictionary was conceived by the composer as a project that could explore the power of language and the issue of neologisms (new words) through music. Timothy Knapman then developed the idea into a full libretto. The use of various styles of music side-by-side is a deliberate attempt to draw parallels between the deep history of words and the similarly complex origins of the multitude of musical styles that surround us every day. The orchestra features jazz musicians alongside baroque specialists.

Plans are in development to workshop the piece in public libraries with secondary school students in the autumn of 2015, to engage young people in their local libraries, and raise awareness of the plight of these vital institutions in changing times.


Tickets on sale now at Kings Place! 


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Our Past Projects

Thursday 31 January 2013

Council Chamber, Deptford Town Hall Building
London SE14 6AF

Sarah Titterington Ibbett, violin
George Clifford, violin
Alexis Bennett, viola
Carina Drury, violoncello

Programme: W.A.Mozart: String Quartet No.19 in C Major KV 465 "Dissonance", Beethoven: String Quartet No.1 in F Major Op. 18 No.1, and a new commission by Saeed Meerkhan (Goldsmiths alumnus)

Music, Mind and Medicine
Monday 13 June 2011

In association with The Poundbury Clinic, London & Dorset.
Special thanks to Daniel Bennett.

The Rag Factory Ltd, 16-18 Heneage Street
London E1 5LJ

The third project from EME explored the relationship between the creative arts and
health. The first half of the concert presented music, poetry and prose from the 16th,
17th and 18th centuries, and the second explored works from the 20th and 21st centuries,
including two new commissions.

Soloists Bojana Dimkoviç (harpsichord) and Tom Fleming (electric guitar) performed music by C.P.E. Bach and Steve Reich.

Tom Fleming plays a guitar by Moog.

Music and words by: Anonymous, C.P.E Bach, Anthony Storr, Mick Delap, Emily Dickinson, Jane Dickson, Malcolm Hayes, David Ibbett, Jean-Baptiste Lully, Jonathan McHugh, Arvo Pärt, Marcel Proust and Steve Reich.

Music and Words of a Changing Planet
Saturday 28 November 2009

Sponsored by Brook Lyndhurst (www.brooklyndhurst.co.uk)
St.Cyprian's, Glentworth Street, London

An evening of performances exploring the role of the artist in the fight for climate
change awareness. Music, words and images by:

J.S.Bach, Alexis Bennett, Oscar Colomina i Bosch, Claude Debussy,  Jane Dickson, Barbara Gutierrez, Chad Harbach, Johannes Keutzenhoff, Timothy Knapman, Matthew Locke, John Milton, Olivier Messiaen, Barack Obama, Mario Petrucci, Toru Takemitsu, Antonio Vivaldi and Maciej Zurawski.

The concert included "Autumn" from Vivaldi's Four Seasons, performed by
violin soloist Sarah Titterington.

EME I (February 2009)

The Art of Imitation St.Cyprian's, Glentworth Street, London
An evening of music & more.

Featuring music and words by:

Johann Sebastian Bach, Matsuo Basho, Alexis Bennett, Thomas Carew, Morton Feldman, Orlando Gibbons, George Herbert, Emma Lazarus, György Ligeti, Claudio Monteverdi, Thomas Morley, Barack Obama, Arvo Pärt, Peter Pereira, Sylvia Plath, Edgar Allan Poe, Neidhart von Reuenthal, Ludwig Senfl, William Shakespeare.